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About us


Duralliner is an ambitious company in the supply of liners throughout  the world, our mission is to serve the remanufacturing industry with cilinderlliners in a reliable, flexible and sustainable manner. To accomplish this we rely on our global network and employee’s skills and experience.



Hans Meijerink, founder & CEO of Duralliner is an ambitious as well as experienced entrepreneur in the remanufacturing industry and in the market for the supply of engine parts. He founded Duralliner to extend his horizon and to serve the market in the best and most reliable possible way.



Lobke Meijerink, accountable for Sales & IT is a young and ambitious international business student of the University of Twente.  



This team is a combination of experience and a 21st century view on this market and our company gives us the ability to be responsiveness and flexible.


 Duralliner has;


·       6.000 cilinderliners on stock

·      Customers diffused throughout the whole world


This means: many possible solutions and always a reseller nearby your company!